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iBeacon Event Log

One important point on iBeacon is the log of user action. We can track, if a device enters a beacon area and what kind of user interaction is triggered on a certain device for a beacon.

It’s a mixed blessing. On one side, we don’t want to track people and their behavior without permission, on the other side many fancy iBeacon application will require the fetch of data and processing them. I am not sure if there is a perfect solution between privacy and possibilities.

On the screen below you see a snapshot of our server side iBeacon log. Each event on a mobile device is logged by the server side control center. That’s necessary if you want to trigger an iBeacon event to another application. E.g. entering an Beacon Area will turn on the light in a room. But that kind of log can be also used, to track and trace people using the beacon app.

ibeacon log - track and trace
Screenshot of the Server Log: time of the event, type, the beacon major/minor and the device id of the user.
Thank to Paul and Feliks from the developer team for the the log example.

iBeacon at the Dancingclub

Starting tonight we’re testing Apple’s iBeacon in a Dancingclub.

We placed a couple of transmitters today in the club. While the guests  have a lot of fun on the dance floor we are looking to our devices watching the ibeacon signals transmitted. Nerds!

Each of the beacons is operating very well and we could track the signals from various locations inside the club.

ibeacon in the danceclub

ibeacon in the danceclub