Patentwahnland USA II: GIMP Entwickler im Kreuzfeuer

Auch Entwickler von Open Source Software sind von Software-Patenten betroffen.

Peter Kirchgessner, freier Entwickler für die Open Source Bildbearbeitung GIMP, musste den Download seiner frei erhältlichen Erweiterung “Mosaic” einstellen. Begründung: Verstoß gegen das US Patent No. 6,137,498.

The image mosaic plug-in for the GIMP is no longer supported or distributed. Mr. Robert Silvers, the holder of a patent related to the technology that was used in the plug-in, argued that the software would directly infringe his patent rights. It is not clear if the patent is applicable in this case. But I have neither the time, interest or money for legal action. So I complied with the cease and desist request.

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