Industry 4.0 goes iBeacon

This week we’re busy in Industry 4.0 and iBeacon. Starting with the fair Wire and Tube Dusseldorf, where we introduced a brand new sales app for our customer WAFIOS AG. Followed up by our presentation on the Heidelberger Innovations Forum (HDI) 2014.

Starting with the Wire and Tube: We equipped more over 70 sales people of WAFIOS AG with iPads Air and our brand new WAFIOS App. The App contains a large storage of technical documents, movies and pictures – all about wire and bender machines showed on the trade show.
iBeacon industrial usecase
On top we tagged the WAFIOS machines with iBeacons. The location based service of the app, allows to pick up easily documents and media of the wireless identified machine nearby.

WAFIOS APP used on sales presentation

Great to the see all the sales guys using the pads and the app for their presentation.

On Wednesday we’re invited by bwcon to the Heidelberger Innovation Forum. We’re going to present our framework for industrial indoor location based services with ibeacon.
Heidelberger Innovationsforum

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