Context Awareness changes everything

Trying to explain contex awareness is a hard job. Talking about it on a conference is like talking about delicious food: you have to taste food before, to get an impression. Only talking about is quite boring.

I spent a lot of time this year, to tell people on conference that context awareness, will change our life strongly. We will step into a complete new dimension of user interaction, if our environment is aware of us. But how to tell that?

It€™s like a four star gourmet dinner. You have to taste the excellence.

Or imagine.

Let€™s imagine you are on a dancefloor. You feel the beat. You move your body in the beatline. You are getting one with the music.

But state today dancing means your body is leading the beat. There is no interaction with the music.

Now think further on context awareness.

On a context awareness environment, the dancefloor is aware of  your presence. It feels your movements and adjusts the music beats on your dancing. This is a complete different experience to traditional consumption.

On a context awareness dancefloor you and the music are united.

Feel the difference.



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