Industrial tools 3D printing and additive manufacturing

For sure, additive manufacturing is going to disrupt the classical job shopping industrial supply chain.

But according to study of PwC 47% of industrial companies, the main barrier of industrial 3D printing is the uncertain quality of the final product.

CoJob3D Industrial Quality Management for 3D Printing

Solving that pain is the mission behind our project CoJob3D Industrial Quality Management for 3D Printing. The last 6 months the team of digital worx worked hard to build a prototype system for quality management and assurance in the industrial 3D printing ecosystem. We convinced the European Commission to 3D Printing Accelerator to support us on our mission.

And finally we can say proudly €œyes we did it€. 1st. to 2nd July we attended in Bilbao on the Fabulous 3D Printing community meeting and presented the prototype platform of industrial quality management for collaborative additive manufacturing.

Mission accomplished. We showed a working prototype to keep quality management on additive printing on track, according PPAP industrial standard.

Let€™s talk with us, if your company is facing the challenges of disruption in additive printing:

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